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Tracy Boland - Tracy enjoys "Bones" marathons, math problems, and snow days. And improv. So much so that she started teaching improv at Harper College to help bring it to the suburbs. Enjoy!

Tom Blain - Tom expects to have a bio put together any day now.

MJ Incavo - Got into Improv to give all the people, animals, and things in her head a new home. Once they are out of her head and into yours, she has done her job. She's a White Sox Fan & thinks peace is a great concept.

Bruce Johnson - is afraid someone else will write a bio for him.

Bronwyn Kossman - Bronwyn discovered at the age of 13, while playing the role of "Orphan" in "Oliver," that being on stage was great fun. At the age of 36, she found that doing improv on stage was even better! Proud to be part of "My Improv Buddies" since they began, she never misses an opportunity to flail on the floor during a scene, and use overly exaggerated hand motions when she sings.

Deb Quentel- Deb has studied improv with a variety of teachers including Michael Gellman and Bob Koherr, and performed with improv troupes in Chicago and Los Angeles. She is a co-teacher of improv classes at Harper College.

Linda Sak - What is there to say about Linda, you ask? Well, let's start by saying she's thrilled to be a part of this troupe! She's a spry, young, whipper-snapper that would be proud to stay a part of My Improv Buddies for some time to come! (You want more? She's done community theater since way-back-when, and just recently broke into movies--- five to her credit so far! In her spare time she's a Special Education Teacher that likes to brag about her two daughters and three grandchildren!) So now you know what there is to say about Linda!

Laura Strojny - Laura got the acting bug after taking her son on auditions for various roles in shows and commercials. Feeling the need for some acting classes, she started improv classes at Harper College. Since then, she has had roles in several plays, including Get Smart, The Odd Couple and The Man Who Came to Dinner. Although she enjoys doing theater and film, her real passion is improv. Laura has been with My Improv Buddies since its inception and truly enjoys performing with this talented team.